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REv Nguyen Thanh's Letter to Ambassador Michael Michalak
Rev Nguyen Thanh

October 7th, 2007

The Honorable Michael W. Michalak
United States Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam

Dear Ambassador Michalak:

It is my great honor to meet with you and the United States Congress members today. I am so grateful to provide you with the update concerning the latest human rights violations in Vietnam. These violations are becoming more severe while the Vietnamese authorities have been implementing their Resolution 36 to aggressively expand their political influence in the overseas countries in which many Vietnamese reside including United States, Western European nations and Australia. Vietnamese authorities have spent a tremendously big budget to implement the Resolution 36 with the ultimate goal to solidify, completely and politically control the overseas Vietnamese around the world.

Followings are some recent incidents I would like to bring up to you today:

- Catholic priest Peter Phan Van Loi has been under strict home detainment at his residence at 16/ 46 Tran Phu street in city of Hue, Vietnam for years under police’s verbal order without any public trial in court.

- Christian Minister Nguyen Cong Chinh has recently been physically injured by plain-clothes police and hired street gangsters weeks ago.

- Christian Minister Ngo Dac Luy had escaped safely to Cambodia to stay away from persecution. He had been registered and classified as a political refugee with the United Nations Commissioner of Refugees Resettlement in Pnompenh. However, he has been currently under intensive search by Vietnam secret police and seriously facing deportation to Vietnam.

It is very much appreciated that you open your kind heart to help out these three popular religious leaders be free from physical abuse and unjust suppression.

As to religious activities in Vietnam, I am extremely disappointed and absolutely pessimistic about the future of our Churches. Vietnamese authorities have aggressively trained and appointed hundreds of state-controlled monks. After graduating, these monks are appointed to work nationwide. In Catholic Church, it is more difficult for the government to train and appoint priests in local Churches and parishes. Yet, hundreds of Catholic clergymen have worked with pays for government at all levels including Congress, Father Land Solidarity Front and Communist Party of Vietnam, etc. even though the Catholic Church’s Canon Law strictly prohibits Catholic clergymen working or joining government or politically affiliated organizations at any level.

It is very much likely that with quick and shallow observations from outside one only can see faithful clergymen dutifully serving the Churches and the faithful. In horrified reality, these paid, state-controlled clergymen have been working dutifully and skillfully to secretly destroy their Churches from inside step-by-step studiously. From outside, the international communities only have been shown all glamorously religious activities in which Churches’ new giant buildings have been erected and colorful religious parades have been well organized, etc. In sorrowful reality, state-controlled clergymen have been approved with long-term exit visas to visit Vietnamese in other countries to solicit generous cash contributions from millions of overseas religious faithful for the Communist Party of Vietnam and for these clergymen under designated contracts.
Thank you. May God bless you in your noble mission to help bring back justice, human rights and civil rights to 84 million suppressed Vietnamese People who have been defenseless and voiceless for over 62 years under the defeated Communism and the heartless communists.

Respectfully yours,

The Rev. Nguyen Thanh

Former Catholic Military Chaplain
Marine Division, Republic of Vietnam Arms Forces
Former Prisoner of Conscience
- U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez
- U.S. Congress members

Rev Nguyen Thanh

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